Friday, October 25, 2013

FINALLY! Finished something

It's not a big something nor a finished project.  It's just a finished block but it is from a BOM which means that I'm caught up so far on THAT BOM.  Now to just get caught up on a couple of others.  I finished last night block 5 of the Civil War BOM that is offered by Custom Quilt Kits.

This is pieced and you know what that means.  It means there is a story behind it.  I'm sure this block has a "historical" story but my stories won't be historical until many years to come.  Instead my stories are usually "hysterical".  This one had me wanting to curse at it but I knew I could do it.  Oh, before I forget....I am enjoying learning to piece with these blocks so don't take what I say to mean I'm not enjoying it.  I just enjoy it more when it doesn't give me hassles.

See the green section?  That's in the upper right corner.  I like that corner.  You know why I like that corner?  It went together the first time I sewed it and I didn't have to rip it out.  All the other sections of it I had to rip out at least once.  The red section got ripped out 3 times.  The last time right before I sewed it to another section because it just didn't look right.  The blue section got ripped out, put back together, ripped out again and resewn again because I discovered I was right the first time around.  The yellow section  HST were sewn three times.  I kept dropping them and just didn't them lined up right and sewed the wrong sections together.  I persevered and block 5 is now finished.  There is one or two blocks that I would like to resew but I don't think I can because a) not having the fabric and b) what I do have is too thread bare now to take out one more time.

That's ok.  It's a learning process.  :)


BillieBee (billiemick) said...

What a great block!

Bonni said...

Thanks Billie! I'm trying. :)