Thursday, October 10, 2013

four squares done one in the mail

It will soon be time to do another block for the Civil War BOM offered by Custom Quilt Kits.  I have four done and the fifth one I think is going to be similar to the one that I just did.  We'll have to see but to remind you, and to give me something to post about, here is a recap of what the blocks looked like.  :)

An overview of all the blocks so far.

hated to work on this one.

this one wasn't too bad once I had it laid out right

This went together quicker than I thought it would.

This block was my favorite to work on and how it came together.  It need blocking


esther said...


Marsha Clark said...

Cool Blocks !!!

Bonni said...

Thanks Esther and Marsha. When I get my next block and finish it I'll post it up. :)