Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Ups and Downs of Daily Life

Life is never constant and has both ups and downs.  Today was one of those days.  The down was that mother was taken to the emergency room after lunch.  It turns out that she suffered a TIA (mini stroke).  Her mother suffered from them and I remember Grandma quite well so I sort of know what is going to happen.  The doctors don't know yet how it has affected her.  She'll spend at least tonight in the hospital.  While I was waiting with her in the hospital, one of the nurses noticed I was working on my hexie mug rug that I posted the other day.  She has done EPP hexies before so we had a nice little chat about them.  The upside is that she is still with us but at 93 one never knows for how long.

Another upside is that two books that I had ordered came in.  The first one is a Celtic Quilting book but it has more than just that in it.  For instance it also has a section on Sashiko - The Japanese stitching as well as trapunto.

The other book is a mystery at a state fair where (from the jacket)

"a special showing of traditional African American quilts cosponsored by the folk art museum and the Ebony Sisters Quilt Guild" is stolen.  It's the main a attraction and a replica of a story quilt made by Harriet Powers.

It's the October selection for the online book club that I have joined.  Do you like to read and quilt?  Check it out more about the club at:

I got both of the books for under $6 each (including shipping and handling) from Amazon.  All the books can be gotten in an e-format (like for readers) which is nice also.  When I see that I can get a hard copy for so cheap though I get them that way.

Well that's my news for this trip.  We'll see what I work on this weekend.  I have signed up to test another pattern for The Quilt Pattern Magazine so I can't wait to show you and tell you what it is.  Of course it's not going to be for quit a bit yet so you'll just have to check out the Quilt Pattern Magazine to see what they ARE putting out.  You know you'll get good patterns especially with the holidays right around the corner.  Remember that they are a monthly online magazine.  It is very cheap since they are packed full of patterns and have a great support base if you ever have questions.

To check out a preview go to:

You will also see the subscribe button on the left hand side in case you feel so inclined.  It's a bargain at $14.99 for a full year of quilting goodness.

NOW that's all I have to report this time.  Have a great day.

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