Sunday, October 20, 2013

What? I haven't posted for a week?

Forgive me for that.  It's been a hectic time with mother going into the hospital and then coming out to go back to the Nursing home.  She's still coughing from the pneumonia but she's not bad enough to keep in the hospital any longer.  Her oxygen is up in the 90s again and they have her on oxygen treatments for a little bit at the hospital.  She's well enough to enjoy her breakfast as well as those little solar window thingies that I get for her.  This time it was a scarecrow and a pumpkin head for Halloween.  When the sun hits their solar panel they start to "dance".  Their hips going back and forth.

So here it is another Sunday and it is time to think about work tomorrow as well as what to work on for Quilting this week.  I did manage to get to Walmart and get some cute fabric for the test pattern that I will be working on.  Of course you'll have to wait for the picture until it is published.

I auditioned some fabric last week for mom's table runner.  I think this is the winning combination.

I am thinking that I will do the green for the first border but make it small.  Perhaps 1"finished.  That should bring out the greens a bit more and then I will use the red for the backing as well as the binding.  I just have to figure out if I'm going to also do a small second border in the red or something.


I received in the mail this week two projects to work on.  The last block of the snowman as well as the sashings.  I don't like the color so might be substituting another color.  I'm sure that will be another lunch topic some time with Connie since she is doing that same wall hanging.  :)

I also received another block for the civil war BOM.  I haven't opened it up yet but I know I can make sure it gets done this time.

Other things that I want to  work on are for the Christmas swap.  I have a couple of small wall hangings (mini's actually) that I want to do and perhaps a mug rug or two.  The nice thing about mug rugs is that I already have the material on hand and they are small projects.

I have approximately one month to figure out what to do for xmas presents for the office this year.  I have a new graduate assistant and a new student helper so it will be harder to figure out what they might like.  Wish me luck.

I think it's time that I go and take a nap so everybody have a great afternoon.  I'll try to write in another day or two.

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