Saturday, October 12, 2013

Opinions needed

Hi Everybody.  Hope your weekend is going well.  I am stuck.  Since mom is still in the hospital I thought I would work on her table runner that I will be doing for her December 10th birthday.  I got the three blocks put together and then started to audition fabric for the border.  She doesn't like blocks on point nor does she normally like  sashings so it is pretty plain.  I have three fabrics that I can use for the back and border.  So this is a two or three fold question.  I need to find out what color to use for the border and then what color for the back and what color for the binding.  Of course the backing and binding can be the same.  Ready to give advise?  Ok.  Here goes. more thing.  I don't want to buy more fabric so that is why I'm limiting it to these colors or a black.  I have plenty of that too.
The three blocks with the three fabric laid out next to it.  All three colors are used in the blocks.

This is a close up showing the red that I have enough of.

This is the lighter green that I have that I could use.

This is a darker green.  I'm not fond of this but am wondering if a narrow border of it or something might be good.

The blocks are made of different color creams and white.  There is one of the squares in the block which is off from the others.

So which do YOU think would look for for

a) the border
b) the back
c) the binding


esther said...

I love youR project and I like the burgundy or the light green for the border. They both look great and any of them would be good for your back

Sue Cottle said...

I'd go with the light green for the border. It gives a nice contrast with the blocks. The dark green is too dark.

I think the red would work well as a binding. Separating the red from the flowers will give more balance.

Go for black on the back - that way it can go on a wall, on a table or whatever, and not show any dirt.


Marsha Clark said...

Pretty !!!
I like the red border the best. :)