Thursday, October 24, 2013

Snow and cone thread

People have been talking about "It's snowing" outside like they have never seen it before.  :)    Of course we have seen it but there is something magical about that first snow.  Now, as most people remember from when they believed in magic, it can be good or bad.  Some people find beauty in the first snow comfortable in the thought that it will not stick around so why not enjoy it.  Other people think it is evil and it should never be around  (and therefore might enjoy warmer climates).  I believe that it is good.  Better than good...when I don't have to drive in it or shovel it.

Oh, how much snow did we get?  You can judge for yourself.

That is a picture of the top of my car this morning.  A sign that winter is approaching but we aren't going to get dumped on all at once either.

I was hoping to work on quilting last night but stuff came up that just didn't get me in the right mood to be able to quilt a straight line.  So instead I dug around and came up with something that I had bought but never tried.  It was a cone holder.  Not a nice heavy one but a plastic one that I had gotten on sale.  A couple of years ago my ex had gifted me with a wide variety of mini cones of thread.  I couldn't use that thread on my machine so I bought a thread stand.

I didn't want to try out to see if the thread would work on a new project until I tested it out first.  So out came scraps and I just sat down and plaid with some stitches to see if it would work.  I was holding my breath the whole time while I was stitching.

I was happy to say that my stitches came out like they were suppose to.  I used an pinkish/orange thread so that I could see it on the black fabric.  Now I know that I will be able to use all that thread.  It has a shine to it (almost metallic but not) and I do not know the weight or anything but if I can sew with it...I can use it.

I also laid out my latest block for the Civil War BOM from Custom Quilt Kits.  I might try to sew them tonight while the material for a test pattern is drying.  Here is what the block should look like.

The only question I have is whether that larger blue triangle piece is large enough.  It looks a little smaller than the rest although I know it probably isn't.  It's one of those perception things which always gets me in trouble with piecing.

I will iron...I mean press...the pieces before sewing it all together.  I'm sure it will be fine.  It's just my natural doubt that creeps into my brain whenever I piece. 

My break time is over.  Time to get to work.  Everybody have a good day.


esther said...

Great job Bonni !!

Bonni said...

Thanks Esther. I am so glad that I can use all that thread now. It has a lot of pretty colors in it. I might have to take another picture of them to post one day.