Monday, September 16, 2013

History and Old Quilts

I'm feeling a little better today so will have to be at work the whole time but thought I'd stay in at lunch and type up my blog post for today.  My brother Kerm and his wife Bobbie just came back from a 3-4 state wide road trip visiting visiting some historical landmarks.  I can't remember all the places and states since I wasn't paying too much attention until he handed me his jump drive and said "If you want to look at pictures here they are.  I even got some some with quilts on it."  Of course he didn't say that a lot of his pictures were blurry and some of the blurry ones were of ones I wanted to see.  Imagine that.  Wonder how that worked out.  LOL.  I know he went to Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois (had to go there since we live there) but can't remember the other state.  Could be Ohio but not sure.  They visited the historical sights for a couple of the past presidents so if you like history or just like to see the pictures people take on their trips feel free to check it out.  All the pictures can be seen on my fotki page.  Here is the link.

There are a LOT of pictures there which will slow down some people's computers.  I thought I'd post a couple of the quilting related ones here also.

Like I said, blurry on ones I was particularly interested in.  That's a brother for you.

Love the crazy quilting!

no particular quilt on this but just love the crib.

Sorry for the blurriness...drat Kerm!  LOL!

President Harrison's Civil War memories!

Love the variety shown in this one.  I forgive Kerm for the blurriness on the other ones.  LOL.

Does anybody know what the hanging things are?  They almost look like pillowcases (grins)

Hmmm.  The quilt on the bureau almost matches the pattern on the cainned chair.  hehe

Oops.  Almost forgot one.

I made this one a lot larger so you can see the details more.  Isn't it great?!

I hope you liked this snippet of pictures and will go to the fotki site to see the other pictures he took.  The monuments have great relief work and inscriptions on them like "General George Rogers Clark, Conqueror of the Country Northwest of the River Ohio from the British, 1778-9".  Or perhaps the monument in Indiana which read "To Indiana's Silent Victors" and had from the War with Mexico to the "war of the revolution - capture of Vincennes from the British" and Mexican Border Service 1916 - 1917 for a total troops 3123.  So it covers from 1946 - 1917.  That's quite a spread.  

I bet it was awesome to see in person.  Something you could look at multiple times and see something different each time.

Well that's it for today's post.  I hope you enjoyed it and keep on making those future heirlooms.  :)


esther said...

Very interesting Bonni. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Those are just so awesome!! Thank you for posting them!
Heather Chaulk <3

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Great post.

Roma said...

Bonnie, the ones that look like pillow cases due to the wide piece of fabric are most likely summer quilts and with the beard protector on thee.
My grandmother used to put them on her bed quilts due to the beard being rather stiff and would wear out the fabrics very fast.. ( Not an expert just my thought)
I enjoyed looking at the photos.. Thanks for sharing them with blogland

Bonni said...

I'll have to ask my brother if he remembers if they said anything about those hanging things. A beard protector Roma? Haven't heard of those before. I'll let you know if he can remember what/if they said what they were.