Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Passing on knowledge -

Before I show what I worked on last night, I thought I"d talk about teaching somebody how to do a t-shirt quilt.  One of the ladies at the office wanted me to do a t-shirt quilt for her daughter.  I told her that I would help HER do one and we've started to do it.  Theresa doesn't realize that my plan is for her to do the sewing of the blocks together also.  I think she still thinks I will be doing that.  hehehe

We haven't gone and gotten the backing or batting yet (she wants batting, we'll see) but she did get the t-shirts picked out, cut and laid out.  Her next step will be to buy the interfacing and apply it and then start to sew.  This is the lay out that

We decided today to change the layout a little bit.  She thinks that she'll like it if it is better four across and six down.   That way it will hang down over the side of the bed just a little bit.  I think both Theresa and her daughter are going to be proud of the quilt when it is done.  Once Theresa finishes one quilt, I wonder if she'll want to do another one for her other daughter who will be going off to college soon.  

What else did I work on last night?  I started another project.  Yes, I know.  Yet another one.  This one was the pattern of the dancers that I picked up at the International Quilt Show.  I am going to use some Stonehenge fabric for the background and then used some of the fabric that Lyndon brought back from Ghana for their clothing.  It isn't fused on yet but this will give you an idea of what it will look like.

I might also do some embroidery on the collar of one as well as perhaps embroidery some earrings and bracelets on the females.  What do you think?


Sue Daurio said...

Love your dancers! Such great fabrics.

Bonni said...

Thanks Sue.

I find it hard to cut such unique fabric. These were small pieces so perhaps I'll be able to work my way up to something larger and using more of it. LOL.

bunbear said...

the embroidery embellishments will add so much to the pieces! looks very good so far.

ANudge said...

Both plans are great - you're adding to the ranks of quilters and working on a gorgeous project.
Thanks for linking to Applique Tuesday.

ChristaQuilts said...

What fun pieces!