Monday, August 19, 2013

Progress on the weekend

You already know how I started my adventure in quilting this weekend if you read yesterday's post.  Today I'm back at work so my craft time is limited although I do keep things to work on at the office.  I still have my Inspired blocks to work on and today I also brought in the start of a new mug rug.  Before I get to that, here are a couple of small blocks that I finished.

This is the watermelon/August block for the mini BOM offered over at The Quilt Pattern Magazine.  These are small blocks which work up quickly.  I decided that somebody had taken a bite out of my watermelon block (couldn't resist).  Here is what the other blocks look like when seen side by side.  I think a couple of the blocks are out of order but you'll get the idea.

I also managed to catch up on another BOM that I was a little behind on.  This would be Angie's Jungle Babies.  August was the bear and I think he is cute.

It's a little hard to get a good picture when there are so many browns etc.  I took a picture to give you an idea of what it might look like with all the other blocks that have been done so far.  Once again I'm not sure on what the final layout will be but here they are so far.

You might notice that not all the blocks are the same size.  That's because I always cut them larger in case there is any shrinkage due to appliqueing them.  I'll cut them down to a uniform size when all the applique work is done and I'm ready to sew the blocks together.

Now on to new things.  I've been buying up some mug rugs on Craftsy.  They have some cute holiday ones and I decided to do one of the Christmas ones.  I'm still deciding on what to use for the back of the mug rug and if I will wrap it around for a border/binding.  Tomorrow I meet up with Connie for lunch and will probably ask her opinion.  In the meantime, I can start to applique the white.  The blue background is a little darker than it appears in this picture and has white swirls in it that reminds me of a snowy day.  I do have a hand died blue fabric that might work for the back.  I'll let you know how that turns out.

This week my goal is to get the mug rug done as well as block two of the Civil War BOM from Custom Quilt Kits.  Here is what it is SUPPOSED to look like.   You'll have to wait to see how close I come to it.  :)

Look to my post from yesterday to see what the color palette is.  It's done in yellows, greens and blues.

What will you be working on today?


bunbear said...

i just started reading your blog. do you do hand or machine applique? that watermelon slice is so neat with the bite out of it.

Bonni said...

I do hand applique. I get more aggravated if I try to do it by machine. :)