Tuesday, August 6, 2013

New Projects Decided upon by Mom!

Every Sunday I go to see my mother in the nursing home.  For the last couple of Sundays she has wanted to see what I have been working on or talk about craft projects.  She is the one who introduced me to embroidery and while she hasn't ever wanted to quilt, she does appreciate it.  At 93, however, her mind isn't always wanting to think along crafting.  This Sunday, however, she had asked me to bring in some of my patterns or projects so she could see them.  I had told her that I had gotten some new patterns for my Birthday and she wanted to see them.

The first thing that I had taken in to her to see was my Painted Hearts table runner that I had tested for The Quilt Pattern Magazine.  I should have known she would want it since it was done in colors that she liked. Mom and Kerm (my brother) cleaned off the table and I laid out the table runner.  The table that she has is one of the narrow types that is designed to go over the bed or chair if needed.  It fit perfectly!  She looked at my stitching and she seemed fascinated by where I had stitched lines in the large triangle pieces that separated the three applique blocks.  I have to admit that I did that very well and she noticed.  Of course she also put me in my place when she didn't believe that *I* did it.  LOL.  Either way, she looked at it closely, smoothed it out, and then calmly said "It fits my table so it's mine.  Thank you."  Gotta love mom.  I resisted only a little bit because I knew she would expect it.  It's a little game we play.  Finally I said ok.  It's yours and she nodded and smiled.

Then I pulled out the pattern that Connie had given me for my birthday.  I should say patterns since it was Sweet 16, as in 16 blocks.  I pulled out the picture which showed all 16 blocks and she looked at them closely before pointing to two different ones.  When she said "I like these two" I pulled out the pattern.  The pattern is, of course, just line drawings but it would show her the size of the block which she would be able to visualize better.  She shook her head at one of them and scrunched up her face at it.  I guess it didn't look as good blown up.  Then she pointed to the second one and said "You can make that for me for my birthday'.

I guess she really must have liked it because she seldom tells me what to make her for her birthday.  I must say that it is nice to know what I'm already getting her.  NOW I just have to make it.  It will be a 16" block for above her head.  It has flowers and stuff which is probably why she likes it.  I will take a picture once I get things straightened out a bit.  Her birthday isn't until December 10th so I have plenty of time.

She also informed me that if I couldn't get it done by her birthday that Christmas was two weeks later which would give me plenty of time to finish it.  Upon hearing my "maybe" she then informed me that perhaps I was right.  I might not have enough time to work on it.  That was her opening line into her "feel sorry for me" look.  I just shook my head and we both laughed.

Have you laughed today?  Go read a funny or just burst out laughing for no good reason.  It helps if you do it when somebody is walking by.  Makes you wonder why you are laughing (grins).


Lisa Mikel said...

Great story Bonni, your mom sounds sweet! Its nice to have family to enjoy our quilts.

Bonni said...

Thanks Lisa. It is fun to share with the family and even though I get embarrassed when she shows off the work to the nurses and aides that come into the room, I'm secretly proud to admit that "yeah, I made that." :)