Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Productive Night last night

Here's a new flash (NOT!)....if you stay off the computer and the phone, you can get more sewing done.  Who'd have thunk!  LOL.  Actually I sew while I talk on the phone (thank you bluetooth) but the only sewing I do while on the computer is applique.  I do have to get off of that sometimes and sew things together.

Remember my disappearing nine patch (D9P) that I had experimented with?  Last night I sewed it together.

This was done using two charm packs (almost all of the charms but not quite).  I'm not sure what color to use on the back or for a binding.  Any suggestions?  I don't have a purpose in mind for this.  I just wanted to learn how to do a D9P since I had heard so many people talk about it. The next one I do will have more planning in more solids.  I will probably quilt this and keep it on hand in case I ever need a child's quilt or something.

After that I got brave and opened up the second block for the Civil War BOM from Custom Quilts Kits.  I learned from my previous block and this time put them up on the design wall in the order they are to be laid out FIRST.  I haven't sewn them yet but perhaps I will tonight.  This is how it is looks when it is laid out.

Interesting thing about this block.  I noticed that the triangle pieces had the ends already cut off whereas in the first block they hadn't.  We'll see how it sews up then.  Will it make a difference?  I don't know.  I don't do this often so can't say.  I do like the colors in it.

Of course my brain was saying "What Next" to me when I was laying this out.  I knew what it meant.  Over in the corner was a pattern I had bought at the International Quilt Show  a couple of months ago and it still hadn't been put together.  I  think it is time for me to get at it.  I actually have traced all the pieces out on the fusible.  Just need to find the "right" fabric and fuse the two together.

Perhaps that will be fused by this weekend.  I'm not sure.  I want to use some of the fabric that Lyndon brought back to me from Ghana.  Yeah, that's it.  That's my excuse why I haven't worked on it yet.  :)  Notice it is sitting on my small portable ironing board.  That board is next to my sewing machine so that I don't have to get up all the time to press my seams.  If it's sitting on that, you know it won't be long before it's worked on.

Of course after fusing all this stuff, one day I'll have to sit back at the computer and do the blanket stitch around it all.

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bunbear said...

i've tossed around the idea of doing a double nine patch but just haven't gotten around to it yet. my 'go to' pattern for something fast is the double slice pattern. it's so quick and easy you can't go wrong.