Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Applique projects on the bulletin board

I have one bulletin board at work that I hang up my works in progress on.  This is to mostly make sure that remember to do them but it also gives people something to talk about or look at when they come into my office.  I think it also helps to see the projects in different light.  Sometimes what I thought looked good at home doesn't look good when see in better light.

Last night I couldn't resist any longer and had to start to put together a Halloween mug rug.

Of course I had to add it to my craft bulletin board so this is what is on my board today.

That is my Inspired block along with the two mug rugs.  The Boo Mug Rug and the Winter Train Mug Rug.  I will stitching today at lunch but I'm not sure which one I will work on.  Hmmmm.  Decisions...Decisions...


bunbear said...

every year i tell myself i'm going to make wall hangings for the seasons and holidays. i'm lucky if i get one made per year! right now i have a valentine's one, a spring one, a fourth of july one, and a sorta Christmas one - it should really be bigger. one of these days i will get around to making more... lol

ANudge said...

What a cute mug rug - coming along nicely, Bonni! Thanks for linking to Applique Tuesday.

Bonni said...

@bunbear - That's what is nice about mug rug. They are mini's for the mini's. LOL. Mom only has space for a small wall hanging. Small as in 12" - 14" so that is also good for quick projects. Mug rugs are something that I can get done relatively fast so I fool myself into thinking I'm making progress on something.

@ Angie - Thanks Angie. If anybody hasn't checked out mug rugs on Crafts they should. Put a search into it and you'll see all the wonderful ones they have.