Sunday, September 12, 2010

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Today was a busy day.  We went to the Farmer's Market which was very nice.  Their Farmer's Market is a combination of market and craft fair.  Since it was 9-11, they also had a remembrance ceremony and the Ogden Symphony was playing.  We went to that because Meepers violin teacher is in it.  It seems that they are trying to get the Symphony started up but when they couldn't get the proper funding, they just decided to do it on their own.  Hopefully by playing here it will bring awareness to their efforts and goal.

They also have painted horses on every street similar to the idea of NIU's huskie dogs.

 They also had nice picnic tables in the park area there.

 Saturday was a busy day since after we got home and had lunch, we called George and Michele over.  Since they were coming over as well as Shel giving Sadee a ride home from work, it was decided to have their Traveller game on Saturday if everybody could make it.  A quick call to Joe and taking Sadee home to pick up her character sheet sealed the deal.

Before the game though, Em had to work on her video for a class project.  She filmed various actions and then would put them in reverse.  She filmed writing with crayons on the wall and being caught by mom, her sister rolling on the bean bag, rolling marbles, and a couple of other things.  It's not done yet but it looks pretty good so far.

They tried to have a fire affect but it didn't work out right but it was fun watching John and Em trying to get it to turn out.

Don't worry.  Em didn't actually play with or light the matches.

It was fun to hear George (standing) and John ltalking about John's computer.

Then they started to work on it and Meepers took a break with helping Em film to check out what they were doing.

Gaming was fun and I played a brief but memorable spot appearance.  John had Honest Al being a person who the group was negotiating with for selling things they had salvaged from a downed Solomani ship.  When they returned with their haul, they had called Honest Al, if that really was his name, who was very tired and grumpy from being woken up in the middle of the night.  He yelled to his wife, Ethel, "Put a pot of coffee on Ethel" (or words to similar effect) when he heard what they wanted to sell him.  Before anybody could say anything, I piped up with "Get it yourself, I'm in bed."  Everybody burst out laughing at the voice I had used and it took them a bit to get back in game.  John said I "derailed his game" for a little bit but the worst part was that he couldn't give me any experience points for it since I was not "officially" in his game. Jo, who plays the most aggressive and 'blow them up' kind of doctor I have ever seen, as well as Stephen who plays one of the children of the Captain (Shel) was able to test out Battledress which they found when they looted...excuse me...salvaged some things off the ship.  There were huge dire wolves, over 10 feet long, that loved to attack things out in the open and it proved to be a good test for the battle dress.  Firing weapons on it didn't do satisfactory (ie, quick enough) damage but they found out that they could punch the wolves and flatten them out in a hurry.  The closest thing that I can relate to it goes back to the RPG called Rifts and SDC damage vs. MDC damage.  It was a fun night though and I think everybody had fun.

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