Sunday, September 12, 2010

September 8, 2010

I guess that there was a mini thunderstorm last night. It only lasted around 15-20 minutes and I slept through the entire thing. I guess that is typical here. Short bursts of rain and then it almost all dissipates before long.

It was a little cooler today which is good. Today was going to be a quilting day which I kinda guess it was. Shell and I talked about quilting and she ordered fabric from Keepsake Quilting for a project that she is wanting to do. They have a kitten called Socrates (Socs)out of various shades of grey. We did Gardiner's Sew and Quilt. I liked going and seeing the different fabrics and quilts they had there. I even managed to get out of there without buying anything. Wasn't I good? Of course it probably helped because by this point in time I had gone through all my vacation money. I did get to see some of that new bamboo batting that people are starting to talk about. I wonder how warm it actually is? I think it said that the shrinkage of it would be around 3%.

After that Shel took me to Hancock's. There we found some good greys for her to use. They had a GREAT fat quarter wall. It was all folded up nice and easy to see all the colors.

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