Sunday, September 12, 2010

September 9, 2010

Started out a little cloudy today but warmed up nicely. Michele called and wanted to meet up. She couldn't meet up today but will meet her and George Saturday. That will be nice since I haven't met either one of them before.

My days are starting to run in together now. I get going on some activity or side tracked by watching what is going on in my friends household that I forget what I did on each day. Some of my days might be wrong but at least I am still putting down the events as best as I can. I am not good on keeping a blog so we'll see how long this keeps up. :)

Today I got a chance to visit Weber University. That is "Wee-ber" or "Wee-ver" University and not like how I would have pronounced it. Stephen is starting college so I was able to go with when he got his textbooks. He got a lot of them as a rental. This is something that the university bookstores are now starting to do. NIU started doing that this year also. In the case of Stephen's books it really paid off since it saved around $100. It's a great thing to be able to do. That happened earlier in the week but today Stephen brought home an iPAD.

Joy! Joy! New technology in the Gardner Household! There was much interest in the iPAD. I have to admit that it looks nice and would be totally fun to have one. I will have to double think on it now. I would like the storage on it to be greater as well as a USB port. It has a cable to it which can connect to a usb port but, since it is Apple, it has to be an Apple port, etc. It also only recognizes iTunes or CD's. Somewhat limiting but once again it IS Apple (as is iTunes). If you have an iPod it will sync up with that ok. There are many features that are nice though. I do enjoy the app which will allow you to get pdf's as well as the book apps.

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