Thursday, September 9, 2010

September 6, 2010 - continued

Also on Antelope Island is a ranch. It is the Fielding Garr Ranch (1848-1981) and is open to the public for "A Timeline of History". While there I happened to see some things that reminded me of my grandparents place. One of the first things was the kitchen table. Another thing that I remember from my past is the washer.

There were a couple of sewing machines there but one of the brands I hadn't heard of before. There was a White but also one called Bel Air. I hadn't heard of the Bel Air one before.

The ranch was fun also because the girls were able to try their hand at roping. Not real cattle of course but mock up ones.

They had quite a bit of large sized grass, perhaps a type of prairie grass, and you could clearly see a path going through from the various animals coming unto the property for a drink of water. The tops of the grass looked like you could even perhaps use them as a duster (in days gone by).

They also had horses on the farm since you could pay for a horse ride around the property. About the only other animals that I saw were the chickens and rooster. From the amount of feathers that was removed from the chickens back, that rooster must be VERY happy.

On the way home, John took me to one of his local gaming stores. Hastur's Hobbies was a nice store. I managed to get some new dice in NIU's colors (red and black) as well as an Eldar Farseer figure and nurglings. They are so ugly they are cute (grins).

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