Wednesday, September 8, 2010

September 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day!

With kids off of school and parents not having to work, it sounded like a day to be out doing something. We debated about going to Park City but instead ended up going to Antelope Island. I was TOTALLY glad that we did. We managed to spot lots of animals and the weather was great! So far the weather for my entire vacation has been great. I probably have just cursed myself weather-wise for the rest of my vacation by saying that.

To get there, we had to go across a causeway.

I took TONS of photo's from Antelope Island and we saw the following animals:

Mule deer, Bison, 2 coyotes, one lizard, a Kangaroo Rat, Orb weaver spiders hanging on their webs, a Sage Thrasher, several nests of fledgling barn swallows, lots of Avocets, Magpie, White-faced Ibis, California Gulls and Black-necked Stilts on Antelope Island today.

I think my favorite part of that was when we were seeing the Bison. There was this one Bison that was taking a dust bath (the flies were horrible that day as well as the next day). Since he was laying down, the cars had pulled over and people were getting out to take pictures. Shell did that for us. When he moved his hind legs to turn and twist, he made some of the people jump. He didn't get up then, but when we were on the way out, there was a Bison VERY close to the road that was scratching against some rocks and I think that he might have been the same one. Once again cars were stopping by to take pictures and only moved on when he looked like he was going to move.

I have no idea who the person is that I caught in my photo but I have to give a thank you to her since it helps show the size of the Bison.

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