Sunday, September 19, 2010

September 17, 2010

Kerm's birthday today.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bro.

I managed to call him to find out how he is doing.  He will be coming back home on Monday for a trial run with his therapists so they can see how he fares.  If everything goes right, he should be coming home on Wednesday.

Lyndon is out of the office today so that will give me time to catch up on some of the stuff like Tuition Waivers.  It appears that most of my phone calls today was either about Fellowship stipend checks or tuition waivers.  Stipend checks will be issued but we have to wait for Financial Aide to enter them into the system so they can be cut.  The tuition waivers will be taken care of but everybody assumes they submitted the forms correctly and, of course, that isn't always true.  I will get caught up.  Just need a couple more days.

Tonight is my off night for gaming which is good since George's server is down.  If it isn't up by this coming Friday, I might be gaming via IM.  Have done it before but it's not always the best way.  The next time we play Salvage, it should be the inspection of the ship.  They will probably also have to carry on the mission in a different ship.  We'll see.

Also need to catch up on posting in the PBeMs.  Not sure if I'll get to that this weekend or not with everything else on my plate.

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