Thursday, October 20, 2011

Back to the start

Sometimes you just can't win.  Yesterday was a day like that for me.  Took the day off of work to "rest my eyes" and relax a bit with all the stress between mother and my brother.  Don't want to get a relapse of the Shingles again!  So here I was at home laying down and the phone rang.  That is not a good sign.  Most people didn't know I was at home so that meant something was up.  I should have said SOMEONE was up....up to no good that is.  My mother.  She bent over in her wheel chair at the nursing home to pick up something somebody had dropped (she's a neat freak and can't stand things on the floor if they are not IMMEDIATELY picked up) and slid (again) out of her wheel chair.  Back to the hospital.  This time she fractured her L6(?) and needs to be fitted for a brace.  She can't be elevated more than 30 degrees and is on bed rest.  Not sure how long she will be there or how long those restrictions will be on her.  Later that day my news just got better.  Sigh.  Big brother wasn't approved for surgery (bypass).  He is still retaining too much fluids so the doctor changed his prescriptions and hopefully he will get that triple bypass done soon.

Obviously my just resting wasn't working so I got up and looked at the blue wall hanging.  It looked good and I thought it wouldn't take much to quilt it.  Do an echo quilting on it and it should be good to go and send off (deadline at the end of the month).  Figured I'd do a black background and off I went after putting in black thread in the bobbin and white on top.  Hmmm.  that echo quilting didn't look quite how I imagined it so changed my mind and decided to be brave and do Free Motion Quilting.  A couple of squiggly lines inbetween could hurt....could it?  Oh hurt!  Did half of the wall hanging and flipped it over.  Hmmmm.  White threads?  Where the heck did the white threads come from?  Shoot!  My tension must have slipped.  Too bad my personal tension couldn't have slipped away. 

I posted this on my yahoo group and you wouldn't have believed all the nice ladies that had heart attacks thinking I was going to throw this out.  I'm going to start over but will use this as a practice piece for FMQ so it is not wasted.  Some said to take markers and color out the white but I don't want to do that.  I don't like the large stitches I had made with it either so it will go into the "learned my lesson" pile.

Perhaps this will explain what happened.

Cute little plaque isn't it?  Don't think it is worth the $14 they are asking but it really DID seem to sum up my day yesterday.  LOL.

Today though I found a nice blog and it had on there a PDF for circular patterns.  If interested go to:

Check out her blog and scroll down towards the bottom of her page.  She has a periodic chart for sewing.  :)

Another thing that I did today was to try out the 3-2-1 cake recipe.  It is simple and quick since you only make a small serving at a time.

1 cake mix (your choice of flavor)
1 angel food cake mix (must have this)

Mix the two cake mixes together and store in a sealed container (I used a one gallon ziploc container)

When wanting a sweet treat,

3 tablespoons cake mix
2 tablespoons water

and microwave on high for one minute.

TaDa!  Top with fruit or whatever (or nothing).  Quick and simple. 

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