Monday, October 10, 2011

A New Week

And what a start I had to it.  I got up this morning and went in to take my shower and wash my hair.  Everything normal right?  Well and I shouldn't probably admit this but........I fell out of the shower.

Yes Yes... I know.  I'm talented what can I say.  I'm all right (contrary to the above tale) and my headache (no lumps from hitting my head on the porcelain stool...oops...wasn't going to mention that) went away after 3 hours and 3 ibprofen.  My shower curtain now needs to be replaced but that is relatively easy to do.  I had my foot up on my stool I have in the shower and the stool started to tilt.  When it tilted so did Bonni.  LOL.  What a way to start a Monday!!!

Work was work.  But I did manage to get some stuff done this weekend besides doing stuff for Tony.  Oh before I forget.  They found that he had bleeding uclers and were able stop the bleeding and found a couple of pollups (sp?) and took them out also.  That was good.  Tomorrow I should find out when he can leave the hospital and start to get stronger before he goes back in for by pass surgery.

In between all of this, I did manage to finish the top of the quilt for Quilts for Kids.

Connie will help me tomorrow to lay it out in the conference room and sandwich it.  Then hopefully I can get the binding on and label and wash it.

I did manage to get the doll quilt done and will mail it off tomorrow.  I also was able to knock out the bucket list project since it was flying geese.  I did the flying geese on the doll quilt so it was a two for one knock out on that.  The method I did for flying geese was the one seam flying geese (also known as dimensional flying geese).

I also pulled out some of my blocks from that pre printed fabric and did some mini's (7.5 x 7.5") and will find some left over fabric to do some more.

I also decided to put together some of my earlier experiments with the embroidery machine.  This feather I put into a coaster size which is 4" x 6".

It's hard to see but those colors are actually dark green.

Well it's time to sign off for tomorrow is another day.  It will be busy since Lyndon (bossman) will be in the office for TWO WHOLE DAYS!   LOL.   Then he's gone again for a couple of weeks.  So he will feel the need to catch up and leave me a whole lot work to do for the next two weeks.

Have a great evening and an even better day tomorrow.

Nite Nite.

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