Monday, October 24, 2011

Fears are for Naught!

I finished appliqueing the center on for my Quilting in the New Year swap for Jennifer and at first thought that the oranges in the center would be too much.  Then I pulled out the borders and corner units and put them together and sewed it all up and found that my fears were for naught.  They go together.  The orange in the center turns the pink flowers in the border (LOVE that flowered border fabric) into more of a salmon color which works out well.  Of course I was doing this at 1130 p.m. and right before bed and should have stopped about 30 minutes earlier.  Tonight or tomorrow I will start to take off the borders and redo them.  It will look about the same but at least one of my borders has caused my center to become wavy.  I also put on the flying geese wrong.  The lighter gold/yellow should be facing each other but I can live with it if they don't. 

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