Saturday, November 9, 2013

Finishes and Starts

I finished my test project but can't show it to you quite yet.  When I can I will post it.  What I CAN show you though is Theresa working on her daughter's t-shirt quilt.

Theresa hasn't sewn or quilted before but by Christmas she should have a t-shirt quilt to give to her daughter.  That's what we're hoping for.  She brought in her ironing board to my office and her iron.  We are doing it during work lunch hours so that it will be a surprise.  We got Theresa past putting on interfacing on the back of the t-shirts

and now are on the cutting stage.  She says that the cutting stage is the worst because she is afraid that she will make a mistake.  I have confidence in her.  She also hates that I am taking pictures but I told her when her daughter looks at her with disbelief when she says she made it, she will be able to produce proof.  LOL.

I brought in my cutting mat and put it on my old desk.  It's extra wide and worked out pretty good.  She is learning to make sure that the blades are "in" when not using the rotary cutter.

She was able to cut out three of the t-shirts during the lunch hour so I'll have to remember to bring in my cutting board again for her to use.  Wait until she hears that she gets to do the sewing also.  LOL.  At least the top.  We'll talk about how we're going to quilt it but I think it will just be straight lines where the seams are.  It will be kind of like stitch in the ditch but not a true one.  I believe the lay out will be three across and seven long to fit her daughters bed.

Well that's enough for a post for today.  I have some more cutting to do so that I can put some borders on mom's table runner.

Talk to you later.

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