Monday, November 11, 2013

Veterans Day and old projects

For those of you who are vets, are serving and plan to serve, I wish to say thank you.  One can never say that enough.  Work had a ceremony and I hope to have some pix perhaps from that later on.

Today I did not do any quilting but I did watch Theresa finish cutting out her t-shirts for her quilt.  There are some that we are going to combine but that will take some careful thinking on how to do that.

I did find an older crochet project.  I think that the weather is telling me to pick it back up.  We had some snow today, but it really was more like freezing rain turned to snow.  We didn't get a lot of accumulation but on some of the trees it looked really nice.  I can appreciate it now instead of whe there is 4" on the ground.  LOL.

As you can see, it didn't amount to much so far.  I don't think we are even suppose to have 1".

Almost forgot to post the crochet project.  Here it is.

These are NIU's colors but I wanted it to be mostly black and white.  Just thew in a splash of red to break it up.  I am crocheting with two yarns at the same time (either black/white or red/white).  I'm not sure how large it will be.  I have plenty of time to decide.  I haven't gotten very far on it yet.

Back to crocheting for a bit.  Thanks for reading and everybody have a great and safe day/evening.

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