Monday, November 11, 2013

What's on the Design Wall

I'm afraid not much.  Of course I have my works in progress (Inspired Blocks, Rose of Sharon block, Animal Babies block, Mini Block). Those are Works in Progress for me.  Oh my.  I'm getting greedy aren't I.  Still I need to plan on some more Christmas presents so the patterns in the running are:

I don't have a lot of time to work on these so let me start by talking about them.  They all are smaller projects.  The Penguin just seems so cute that I want to make it.  I think it should go together rather rapidly and be quite adjustable to different color schemes.  In this case the blues might be more mauve.

Winter White is a new pattern that I've not made before and it's a little different.  Perhaps that is why I like it?  This one might be for the office so I should take it off my gift list.  I'll keep it on there just to see if I'll ever do it.

The leaves and berries table runner might get made too if, for no other reason, because I have the berries almost all done.  They are left over from another project and I cut them out with my AccuQuilt GO!  I used the Grapes of Wrath die and cut out a lot of circles and find that they are useful to keep some on hand.

So what's on YOUR design wall?


A Nudge said...

All cute patterns - it would be hard for me to decide too, but I"m leaning toward the holly one.

Bonni said...

With the time constraints of the holidays I'm thinking that one also. I might do Winter White later on since it isn't necessarily a "holiday" one but a winter one and can be up on the wall after the holidays.