Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sunday Progress

Even if I wasn't on vacation, I would love today.  Why?  Because it is a Sunday.  Sundays has always been "my" day.  I see mom in the morning but after that it is "my" day.  Sunday afternoons is my day to do my applique.  Today is Sunday and I am loving it.

I managed, so far, to finish up my secret Santa/Christmas exchange gift and here is what will be in the package.  Hope my person will like it.  :)

That meant that I had to work on another project and next on my list is mom's birthday present.  Her birthday is December 10th and I promised her a table runner.  I am to the quilting phase and found my fabric and was getting ready to iron it when I realized that I hadn't washed it yet.  A trip to the kitchen sink and yep...I hadn't washed it out.  Can you see how red that water is?  I know it's hard because of the soap bubbles.  Four washings later and the red fabric is now on the towel rack drying.  In the meantime I'll find another applique project to work on.

What are you working on?

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