Saturday, November 23, 2013

Start of Holiday Break

It's brisk outside and I'm on vacation.  LOVE those two things.  I have a couple of days off of work and hope to get some stitching in.  So far I've helped Theresa finish putting together all the t-shirt squares and on Tuesday after work we will start to hit the shops to see what kind of material she'll want for the border and backing.  How did she do?  Here it is....

At lunch on Friday Theresa put together half of the t-shirts.  As you can see, she is LOVING how it turned out.  She was like a kid at Christmas seeing it come together and her enthusiasm made me smile too.  It's so much fun to watch somebody get caught up in a craft that I love and am trying to learn also.  Of course it also is great that she is enjoying this because my teaching techniques are nil.  One of my biggest things is to show her that it doesn't pay to sweat the small stuff.  But..LOOK AT THOSE ROWS!!!!!  Almost ALL the points match up!

Theresa gave me permission to work on it since we are running out of time to get it together but don't worry Theresa it will get done.  I'm sure it looked like a lot to her but it actually it wasn't that much to do.  After joining two of the blocks together the two halves were all ready to be sewn together.

I will admit that I took this "messy" picture just to see Theresa's expression since it looks like there is SOOOO much more to do with it.

One long seam later, I had it ready to lay out on my bed to give a better look to it.

It doesn't hang down in the back of it (only four blocks wide) but she wants to put a border on it.  Originally she wanted a very wide border but now I believe she is thinking of a 2" border which I think would be a good size.

Did I mention that she is doing a WONDERFUL job on this?  Look at those seams....the points are matching up so nicely!!!!!  So much better than what I could do for a first project.

Well done Theresa and keep up the

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