Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tired but happy

Yep, that's what I'm feeling right now...tired but happy.  Theresa and I went shopping looking at fabric after she got off work tonight.  We started at Jo-Anne's and then went to Hobby Lobby.  Three hours later, we had come to a decision on what fabric to buy for the t-shirt quilt.  I think we both were tired after that!

I think we must have pulled out 5-8 bolts of fabric at JoAnne's trying to see what we liked.  Much to my surprise what we liked the best wasn't what I thought it would be.  We left Jonne's with 2" strips of two different fabric so that we could think on it.  I'm glad that we did because it certainly came in handy when we went to Hobby Lobby.

I believe that she will get the border fabric from JoAnne's.  It looks like this....

It looks pretty wild by itself but it will be the border so just picture only using 2" of it at  time.  It does a great job of pulling together all the colors of the t-shirts.

Then we went to Hobby Lobby and immediately started to pull bolts off the shelf.  Once again what I thought I'd like the best wasn't what I did like once it was all put together.  In both stores we had taken the t-shirts with us so that we could audition the fabric.

Yep, that's what it looks like so far.

We laid out the border fabric and then started to look at background and binding fabric.  At each place we also asked whomever we saw what they thought of our fabric choices.  We got the impression from one person that she didn't like our layout design but we didn't really care.  No way was either one of us going to unstitch that and rearrange them.

So what did we decide on?  After careful rearranging and looking at fabric, the final choices are:

Ok. Ok.   I can hear you complaining about that picture.  Of course I took more pix.  Here are a couple of better examples.

Did you get the idea of what it will look like?  The blue is the background.  The pale yellow with a slightly darker yellow in it will be the binding.

Do you like it?  I think I do.  From Theresa's expression, I think she does also.

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