Saturday, November 30, 2013

Clean up time

It had to come sooner or later.  It appears that today is the day.  Clean up day that is.  After doing some of the projects that I did this week, I needed to put things away again and pull out others to work on.  I really should do that more often because it took way to long to clean up the sewing room.  Of course once one room is cleaned up then you have to clean up the other rooms.  I have a small place so it gets messy quickly.  As an extra incentive, I've invited Theresa over on Tuesday to work on the t-shirt quilt at my place instead of at work.  

So this is what the sewing room looks like now.

My apartment only has one more room (plus kitchen and bathroom).  The living part is pretty clean.  It won't take too long to get that done so perhaps on Sunday I will clean the kitchen.  I'm afraid that Theresa will have to take most of it as it because I doubt that I'll do a "real" clean.  Why pretend to be something I'm not?

Hmmm.  where did that one plastic container come from?  I don't remember that one.  Looks like I will have to investigate.  The real trick will be to do it without messing up the room again.

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