Thursday, January 30, 2014

I did it!

:)    I managed to make my little portable iron board for projects.  I went out at lunch today to renew my license plates and decided to make a trip to Walmart to get some cold medicine.  While there I remembered I wanted to get a staple gun for a project.  YAY!  I did it!  I finally made a more portable ironing board.

It's not exciting is it.  I just used leftovers and one of the left overs was plain white THIN muslin.  I don't use it for much of anything so I thought it would work great for this.  It is a 10 x 10" square of birth plywood, 1/2" thick.  It also has two layers of cotton batting on it and all held in place by staples.  That is why I needed the staple gun.  I have nicer cotton fabric that I can put on the cover if this seems to work out.  I also think I will make a variety of sizes of boards if this works out.  They are light enough to be able to carry around to classes (or work).  After that I might have to get a small iron.  a small fat one and not one of the clover irons.  I didn't like those when I had one.

Another project which looks like fun is found at:

That's my news for tonight.  For a girl who has problems hammering in nails, this was a major accomplishment.  :)

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Kat Scribner said...

Enjoy it Bonni. Those portables are so convenient. I made one with muslin & batting like a sleeve, it was very tight but turned out wonderful too. I wrap a cotton dish towel over it to keep the muslin nice and clean.