Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday laziness

No work tomorrow so I can do whatever I want.  I  will probably start on a test project but that will only be if I get the fabric washed tonight.  LOL.    Of course you will have to wait until it is published before I can show you but I know you'll love it.  I really don't have much energy today to do anything but I did run by the office after having breakfast with mom and picked up my external drive.  NOW I can post the 2014 BOMs that I know about.  

I did not hunt up all of these BOMs.  In fact it was really easy since it was posted in one of my yahoo groups.  Here is my version of it.  Feel free to check back each month as a reminder if you want.  You'll also see a notation of what I think I will try to keep up on.  Wish me luck.

2014 BOMs       - Benjamin Biggs Quilt  - yes     -   Fiesta de la Flores (Festival of Flowers) – yes    - Sycamore Hill Quilts – yes   - Angie’s Bits ‘n Pieces – walk with me (shoes)– yes    Pat Sloan Mystery BOM called Globetrotting – yes    - probably not     Star Block of the month Tutorials – probably not   -   paper piecing one – not sure    - Blogger Girls BOM   --  probably not.   -  yes but will probably collect more than do.   - Tell it to the Stars – maybe  - might not do all but will collect.  Not sure on border but have time to figure it out   -   not sure but probably not - offered through craftsy  but free – yes - another paper pieced one – no  - Paper Piecing – no  -  up the garden path – embroidery (offered through craftsy) – yes
The advantage of putting the list here is that I can just click on the link and it should take me to that page.  It might not be the page for the current month but I'm sure I can find it from those links.  You'll also notice I put "no" next to some.  That is for MY personal use.  I'm not saying that they are bad patterns but did not appeal to me or I just knew that I wouldn't do them.  

You might also notice that I might attempt to do some piecing in 2014.  That is a big step outside of my comfort zone.  That is one of my goals for 2014.  To learn a new technique or to get better at one that I currently know.  An example would be Paper Piecing.  I just did that small mug rug but I need to do more in order to get better at it as well as to commit it to memory.  I used to have a small add a quarter ruler that I had bought for paper piecing.  It...disappeared.  Now that I am trying to learn it more in 2014, I decided to order another one.  Quilting supplies are like potato chips.  It's hard to just order one thing.  I ended up ordering two add a quarter rulers.  One six inch and one 12 inch.  :)

Which BOMs are you going to work on?


esther said...

Thanks Bonni i love appliquéing but I do also do some piecing. But to me piecing is just a lot of blocks and appliquéing is like a form of art. Arranging tiny pieces of fabric to make a pictue. Thanks for all your posting. Enjoy life.

Anonymous said...

awesome!!! Thank you for posting all the links and the variety!!! This is going to be fun and we will be watching to see what ones you try out!! Bet you are going to have a load of fun here!!! I cant wait to see what you do. I like pp if I have a lot of time but I find it more consuming and a lot of thought before I get anywhere with it...I found that I always make mistakes on the first but others that follow seem to be ok, maybe it is just the thought process kicking in. Thank you Bonni <3
Heather <3

Marsha Clark said...

Wow, Thanks for posting these Sis !!! I am doing the Stars of Honor one from Debbie Mumm. I will probably send the top to a guild that finishes the quilts for the wounded soldiers.

Bonni said...

Thanks everybody. Let's hope that we all manage to keep track of the ones that we want to do. At the very least perhaps we can collect them and make it later. :)