Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Play Day 2

It's Play Day 2 and I'm going to spend it being frustrated.  I am going to make it through a paper piecing a mug rug.  The design is one that is for a facebook group BOM that.  Supposedly the blocks can be used as a post card, a mug rug, or save them all up and make a small wall hanging at the end of the year.  I will probably either do the mug rugs or the small wall hanging.   Here is the sample of what it is suppose to look like.  Mine will be done in some greens and gold.  Not sure yet what I will do for decorative stitching.

Most of you readers have heard me also mention my yahoo group which has the bucket list.  Well the bucket list drawing for January is Cathedral Windows.  When I got my Quilting Daily email this morning, they were advertising a pre order for The Quilter's Applique Workshop.  One of the pictures they had on it showed a Cathedral Window table runner.

Isn't that a terrific looking table runner?  I was thinking about getting the book but I'm not sure.  The pre-order cost is $20 with the regular price being $27 (both numbers rounded up).  The e-book version, by itself, is also $27.  I will have to think on it a bit more.  I think if I do the pre-order I get the e-book for free and an immediate download.  The paperback book is out in February

If you are interested here is a link for it.  I'm not affiliated with Interweave.  I'm just passing on the link so you can see if it is something you'd like.

That's about it for now.  I need to go back and figure out this paper piecing thing.  I think I know which step I did wrong but will have to do it again to see if I am right.  Progress updates later on.

Stay warm.  I'll be back at work tomorrow since my car started today and I took her out and she is running quite nicely.


Kat Scribner said...

Once the technique for paper piecing clicks in your head, a.k.a. when your block turns out so perfect, you may get excited about paper piecing. Plus paper piecing can use up all sorts of odd shape scraps.

Bonni said...

Thanks Kat. I'm not sure I will EVER get that excited about paper piecing but will admit that it does use up all sorts of odd shape scraps. So does applique (grins).

It's a good thing to know how to do and need to practice it more.