Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Almost done!

Wow...I can't believe that we are almost done with the T-Shirt quilt.  It has been so much fun to have to do.  This is one of the last pictures of Theresa working on the quilt.  Last night she trimmed up the quilt after doing the quilting of the sandwich.

It's hard to see but you might notice a line on my ruler.  I put a 1/4" strip of masking tape on the backside of the ruler so that she could find her lines a bit better in order to line them up before trimming.  She was nervous because she knew this was the last of the cutting and "what happens if I cut it wrong" type of feeling.  I tried to tell her that if she is a little off no problems and if she is a lot off we either buy more fabric or she will have a small border than she anticipated.  Of course she did NOT mess it up.

That smile was because she was on the last side and almost completely done with trimming it up.  After that she ironed the binding strips.  We cut them with the AccuQuilt GO! and she got to see how great that was to cut them (2.5" strips) for the binding just with one pass of the GO!  A couple of quick seams to join up the bindings and it was all ready for her to iron.  After that we talked about how to pin the bindings onto the quilt and I even made her take a stitch so that she could see how I do it.  Yes that's right.  I do my binding by hand and was only going to show her how to do it that way for this quilt.  With her taking that stitch on the binding, it meant that she had done a little bit on the quilt at each step so she could, in my opinion, claim that SHE had made the quilt.

Tonight she will finish up ironing the binding and while I sew it on she can work on a matching mug rug to give to her daughter out of the left over fabric.  I trust her with my machine and will let her have some fun with it.  It will all be finished this week and ready to give her daughter for Christmas!

Way to go Theresa!  You did a wonderful job on it!

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esther said...

Way to go!! Keep quilting!!!