Thursday, December 12, 2013

It's done!!!!!!!!

That's right.  Theresa's t-shirt quilt for her daughter is done in plenty of time for Xmas.  She did a wonderful job and here are the final pre-Christmas pictures to share with you.

 Don't you think that looks great?  It's pretty long.  Those are 12" blocks with a 2" border.  I am holding it up in the picture so that Theresa could take it and my arms are stretched as far up in the air as I can get them and I'm 5'10".  It should be nice to either curl up with on a couch or in her bed.

It's sort of hard to see in this picture but look closely and you can see how the quilting showed the "boxes" of the squares from the front.  That stitching looks pretty straight to me and it was done on my small machine so she found out what it was like to keep rolling up fabric and put through a small throat machine.  LOL.

Then, of course, you have to have the label.  We liked the label we had chosen but there was a lot of empty space at the bottom of it.  I managed to take one of the decorative "eyes" (as I call it) from the pattern and appliqued it to the bottom of the label.  Then Theresa hand sewed the label onto the quilt.  

By the way, she also helped stitch the binding on and that too was hand sewn.  She is talking about wanting to do a snowman wall hanging.  One that is perhaps 24 inches long to hang on the door or something.  I, of course, told her that I'd help wherever I could.  :)

Well done Theresa!!!


esther said...

Great job!!!

Lisa Mikel said...

Her daughter is sure to love it. Great job!