Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sunday productivity

Today has been a weird day but semi productive.  I went to have breakfast with mom, like I do every Sunday, and was surprised to see a small holiday wall hanging up on the wall.

She was working on this on her birthday my brother said.  It appears that she sewed the binding on as well as glued on the ornaments.  If she could see her stitches she would cringe.  They gave her white thread to sew on the green binding.  She did a whip stitch which is somewhat large and clearly visible but that's ok.  She felt good about being able to do it.  Of course she gave it to me to "fix up a bit".  Now I just have to figure out how many corrections she wanted me to do.

When I got home I put over some chicken and rice in the crockpot (with cream of mushroom soup) so it's bubbling away happily right now.  It's all done except for the dumplings so won't be long before I get to warm myself up with that.

While that is cooking I pulled out my Civil War BOM block from last month that needed to be done.  I finished it.

This one didn't turn out too bad.  The next one, December's Block 7, is a pain!!!!!!  I don't like working on it at all.  I have 1/4 of it done but it will need some serious blocking.  I will get it finished eventually.

I cheated and am only posting the picture of the layout.  LOL.

It's back to work tomorrow and I really could use a couple of more days off but who can't at this time of year?  Only one week of work and then our break.  I still need to work on some Christmas presents so I guess I'd better get off this computer.  It eats up so much time!

Everybody stay safe and warm.


Hazel said...

Bless her heart she did the best she could and must have enjoyed doing it .I think I would do as little as possible to "fix it up ".

Sue Cottle said...

I agree with Hazel. Just enough to 'tidy' it maybe. But don't change the stitching or anything - if she's ok with it, leave it be.

Well done. And that second block looks ... 'entertaining', lol.


Bonni said...

I'm only going to add a stitch or two and then put on a hanging sleeve so she can hang it straight. It only has a small plastic circle on the back to hand it up currently and it's not hanging straight.

"Entertaining". I like that Sue! LOL. Yes indeed it will be "entertaining".