Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve with Mom

My family has always celebrated Christmas with mom on Christmas Eve.  That came about after my siblings started to complain about traveling between parents and in laws.  In keeping with that tradition, I went to mom's nursing home this morning and took her breakfast.  Yes I said mom's nursing home because she claims everything - even the nursing home.  She's a sweetie though and the nursing staff lets her so who am I to say otherwise?  Just as long as she doesn't have to pay taxes on it we're all safe.  LOL.

For her Christmas present I gave her a semi  manicure.  I'm not an expert and really don't do my own nails so it was an adventure.  She was happy afterwards so that is all that matters.  I find it hard enough to do my own but to do it on hands that tremble from age and arthritis?  My hat is off to the ladies that used to do her nails.  She heard that the lady who used to do it can't do it any more but I wanted her to have fresh nail polish on for Christmas.  Here she is holding up my table runner that I made her.  Notice how she held it so that she wouldn't mess up the nails.  hehehe

Hmm.  I think her socks match the table runner also.  So now that she has a new table runner I go to put it on her table and she has a fit.  Apparently she thinks it is too pretty to put on the table because somebody might spill something on it.  I told her that's ok.  It can be washed and dried in the laundry.  Nope.  That won't do.  She took off the table runner I made for her birthday because she spilled something on it.  She went to the washroom and washed it but she didn't want to take a chance again.
BUT...she came up with a solution.  She had me hang in on her wall.  Of course I didn't put a sleeve or hanger on it since it was to be for a TABLE!  Masking tape to the rescue!  This is why I carry a lot of stuff in my back pack and people wonder why.  See?  It came in handy.  I hope it stays up until Sunday and I might have to put a sleeve on it...or just keep replacing the masking tape.

It does look good there.  Now to try and figure out what to give her for Mother's Day.  :)

Everybody get to bed early tonight....Christmas is tomorrow!!!!

Until then remember you only have to be good for a little longer yet.  hehe


Anonymous said...

Oh how awesome!!! You have done a beautiful job and i can see your mom loves it!!!
Have a most wonderful Christmas
Dave and Heather :)

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Merry Christmas to you and Mom!

esther said...

She is a Sweetheart and she made me smile :). Love her gift, you did a great job. Merry Christmas.