Monday, December 30, 2013

What a Wonderful Day......

Some days are better than others and today has been a WONDERFUL day.  Today brought out the little child in me and you ask why or what happened?  I got presents!  I don't expect presents because my family doesn't give them out (except to mom) any more.  So any presents I get, I get from friends and from work, etc.  Today was a mixture.

It started this morning when I finally dragged my body up out of my warm bed to go get caffeine.  I decided to go to the gas station to get a soda since I could get another punch on my soda card (five punches and you get a free soda).  I had four punches so this would mean next trip I would get a free soda.  So I counted up my coins (payday tomorrow so coins today) and went in.  I walked up to the counter and as I was counting out my coins the guy said, "pop is on me today" AND he also stamped my card so tomorrow I can get a free soda also!  Wasn't that nice?

Then when I got home there was a gift bag outside of my door.  My neighbor had dropped off a Christmas card and a small tin of fudge AND a large tin of home made cookies!  Talk about BonBon pigging out before January 1, 2014!!!!!  I'll be putting a dent into those tins.  LOL.

Of course after starting a dent in the cookies I wanted to take a nap so I did.  I only have two days left where I can take a nap in the afternoon and I fully intend to take advantage of it each day I'm off.  When I woke up I decided to get rid of some of my white hairs to start off the new year.  That didn't take long but when I got back to the computer after completing that guess what I had waiting for me in my email box?  A gift certificate from my friend Shelley in Utah for Thousands of Bolts (and only one nut).  I love that shop so I got a chance to take advantage of their mega sale which will stop tomorrow by midnight.  It will be interesting to see what the Stonehenge looks like when it comes in since it is hard to see the colors of it online sometimes.

I ordered:

This is by Northcott and called Princeton - Order 1 yard of it.

This is from Andover and called Garden Maze.  I order a fat quarter of it.

This is one of the Stonehenge wide backs (108" wide) and I ordered 1 yard

Another one of the Stonehenge wide back (108") and I ordered one yard.  I am hoping that this will be whitish.

I hope you all had a great day too!


Anonymous said...

what an awesome day and love the fabrics you have chosen!!! now to see the pics when you create!! :)

esther said...

How wonderful!! Talk about a good day , you sure had one today!! Happy Dance!! Love your choice of fabric!! Great to have good friends and neighbors . Love Christmastime!!