Saturday, July 26, 2014

DIsappearing QAL

Now looking back at my subject line I think I had better explain what it means.  First of all QAL means Qulit Along.  My online quilting group (CyberQuilters) holds events and this weekend is such an event.  Even though it's a yahoo group and we don't meet up in person, we are united by our love of crafting and this weekend, for those who want to join in on the quilt a long, there is a theme.  The theme this time is a "disappearing" pattern.  For my non quilting friends, let me try to explain and I will try to not to confuse you more than usual.

A disappearing pattern is where you start out with one block and then you change it.  By the time you finish the original block disappears into the new block and sometimes doesn't even look like what it did originally.  One of the popular patterns is a Disappear 9 patch (D9P).  You start out with one block that is made of up nine squares sewn together.  Bet you figured that out by the title didn't you.  Then you get to cut it into three equal parts and rearrange it before sewing it back together to make it look different.  Many times quilters get asked "why do you cut fabric and sew it together only to cut it again and sew it together".  Got me.  I like doing it though.  LOL.  Art doesn't always make sense to others.  It only has to make sense to you.  I consider it a bonus if it also brings joy to others.

So what am I working on today?  I'm going to be working on a new pattern I recently discovered called the Disappearing Hourglass block.

This is what an Hourglass block is suppose to look like.

So after I make those, then I'll be cutting them apart and resewing them.  Afterwards, if I did it right, I get the Disappearing Hourglass black which looks like this.

Wish me luck because this is piecing and I am not good at it.  I will still try on the assumption that sooner or later (ok more like later) I will get better at it.

I went through my stash of fabric and I think I will be using these colors.  I'm not making a large project.  Never do that if I can help it.  But we'll see how it ends up.

The colorful fabric is 10" blocks from Moda's Color Crush Batiks line.  The brown is called burlap. When I find my notes on who produced it I'll let you know.  If burlap felt this good when I was growing up I would have had clothes made out of it.  It feels sooooo nice.  Anyway.  Off to the sewing machine.  I'll report on progress later.


Sue Daurio said...

that looks great! I"m using my left over flannel for this same block. Cutting up my fabrics now. I do like your choices.

Kat Scribner said...

Yep, your fabrics will make up so pretty. Have fun cutting up your block. LOL

Bonni said...

Thanks Sue and Kat. I finished the first block so they say the first is the worst don't they? LOL.