Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Yep, that's right, another oops.  It's not a bad oops though.  What's the oops then?  I was expecting to receive my fabric pieces for an Edyta Sitar table runner called Spring Showers table Runner.  So I opened up the package and laid out my ironing board (to take inventory) and...gasp...No umbrellas!  Where did they go?  So I dropped a line to where I ordered my pieces from and....OOPS!  I gave them the wrong information.  I gave them the information for the wall hanging of Edyta Sitar called Rainbow Bouquet!
You can see both of the patterns here (PS:  They are free patterns):

Oh well.  It's ok.  It just means that I'll be doing the wall hanging before the table runner.  I am loving the material that Custom Quilt Kits picked for me.  These pieces were cut with the AccuQuilt GO dies and already have the fusing on the back of them.

 I have so much to work on that I'm having a problem deciding on where to start.  That means I started to organize my UFOs (unfinished projects).  I found that I have around 3 months of Rose of Sharon blocks to fuse on and then to stitch down almost 9 months.  Then there is the civil war blocks.  After putting pulling them out from here and there I discovered I'm behind on a couple of months on those also.  So now my Civil War blocks are in one large baggie and my Rose of Sharon blocks are in another large baggie.  Even if they aren't fused or sewn together they are still in the baggie.  A third baggie is holding my Hexie BOM materials.  Yes I'm behind on those also.  Thank goodness that I have very large baggies (2+ gallon size).

THEN I received 12 t-shirts in the mail so I obviously had to cut them up.  No worries since that is what they are for.  I now have to decide on layout for the wall hanging and what size to make the blocks.  Here are a couple of ideas but by no means am I ready to settle on a final cut.

In this first one, it is pretty basic.  12 t-shirts with mixed themes.

The layout on the second one shows off more of the blue dragon in the middle. and in the lower corner two small medallions in each corner.  I will applique them or sew them together to have both in one block.

Another option with this is to put sashings on it.  I think a black red fabric that I have at home.  I might take a picture of that with it tomorrow to see.  The benefit of using that is that it would also tie in the quilt that I am making Dan since it will be used on that also (if I ever finish it).

I'll post more pictures as it goes along.  :)

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A Nudge said...

LOL - sounds like my house - all those UFOs! Like you second layout of those T-shirts.