Friday, July 11, 2014

The Night Before my Birthday......

Now this would be the space where I could finish a poem or something after starting out my blog that way but not me.  That's because I'm not good on poetry or anything so you'll just have to think up of something yourself.

Yes it is the day before my birthday.  I'll be 58 in a couple of hours and once again I am faced with that age old question....How does one act their age.  I haven't figured out how to act my own age since....since I can remember.  When I was younger they said I was more mature.  When I got older they said I was younger.  MAKE UP YOUR MIND!   LOL.  Age hasn't bothered me yet but I'm sure one day it will.

What will I do on my birthday?  I'm not sure.  Rhea (my car) is acting up and I don't want to take her out of town to the Stitch Out which is around 20 miles away.  I will run around town in short trips here no doubt instead.  One of the ladies who retired (Ev) stopped by the office today and asked me to put a different binding on her daughters old baby blanket.  The sateen binding that has been on there for YEARS is about 1/3 off.  I told her I would but I only work in cottons.  She's cool with that.  The sateen was around 2"-3" wide and single fold.  She doesn't care about the width but since her daughter will probably give it to her grandbabies, it needs to stand up to time.  Perhaps a double fold.  I will only charge her $20 plus the cost of the fabric.  It should be relatively quick to do once I get to JoAnne's or some place to get it.

I also received 12 t-shirts in the mail from my friend Dan.  Before I can make him something with them I think I will take them to the laundrymat and see if I can get some more of the cigarette smell out.  It's not overwhelming but if I can get it out it will be better.  Then I'll lay them out to see how they will look.

This weekend I also will be playing with my new mini iron.

 I will try to use it for some applique but it might just be used for pressing some seams or something first.  We shall see.

In the middle of doing all of this (and laundry), I will be going through my new book and making a shopping list of what to get from the grocery store so I can make one of the recipes.

Now I'm getting tired from all of this so I guess I had better get to bed.  Until tomorrow my friends...

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Kat Scribner said...

You will love your petite press. I have one and used it for paper piecing mostly, until i got my travel size Rowenta, which gets so nice and hot. The petite press will be good for your applique work too.