Wednesday, July 30, 2014

crocheting potholders

My mother taught me how to make these and it's the only thing I know how to make.  You'd think that I was good at by now wouldn't you?  Nope.  Crocheting is something that I'm not good at but these I still make.

I've had a friend ask me how to make them so before I forget I'm writing it down here.

Mom always used Red Heart yarn.   This variegated one was one of her favorites.  How many you chain depends on which hook you use and how large you want to make your potholder.  I don't ever measure it since if it turns out too large for a pot holder I then have a hot pad for my dishes.  They are machine washable and last forever!

So I use a large hook to fit my hands so normally it is about a J or K.

Chain 35 (you might want to increase or decrease the chain after you make them to suit your own purpose)

Do NOT take an extra chain and turn.  After you chain you will be going starting to crochet in the 34th chain.  This will enable you to go around and around creating a circular boat type effect.

You keep going around and around until you can turn in the sides and they meet.  This next picture shows how you would fold in the sides.  Obviously I have to keep crocheting a bit more on it.

Then when they meet you cut your yarn giving you plenty of tail so that you can use that to stitch close your two sides.  After you cut your yarn you will draw it through your last stitch to make a knot of it.    Then take a needle with a large eye (darning perhaps?) that will allow you to thread the yarn through it and start to slip stitch the two sides together.  When done it will blend in.

I personally don't hang up my pot holders so don't worry about stitching a little loop in them or attaching a small plastic circle etc.  I like them so they can be used as either a hot pad or a potholder.

Did I confuse everybody more?  I hope not.  These are really thick so you don't have to worry about putting the pots on them and burning your hand or table.

I hope you figured out what I was trying to say.  

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