Sunday, July 27, 2014

Finished my 9 blocks - and sorry for the blank email

I finished my nine blocks for the disappearing hourglass block.  I wasn't sure how to lay it out but this is one possibility.  I'm going to stop working on it today and work on something else for a bit.  Give my eyes a break from the layout etc.

This is the layout that I'm starting with.  In a couple of days I might try another layout to see how it looks.  I had to stop at 9 blocks because I ran out of the brown that I was using.

Now to move on to something else.  Perhaps the Inspired blocks or Dan's t-shirt quilt...oh wait.  I have to iron on the interfacing first.  Guess I will start there.  LOL.

Until next time.....

PS:  Sorry for sending out the blank email.  My  computer didn't think I had anything to say I guess.

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