Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Genealogy Update

I have been enjoying getting emails from my cousin Gayla.  Isn't that a great name?  Gayla.  :)

She has been sending me pictures that I hadn't seen before and I've sent her some also.  Today I sent her a story about Grandma Mertie Chamberlain.  I remember her clearly and by sharing stories it also is a way for me to remember and hopefully keep her memory alive after I'm gone.

Here is Grandma Chamberlain in 1976.  :)

So now you know who I am talking about.  :)  I'll post more pictures when my Cousin Gayla sends me some.  We've been trading family pictures back and forth.  Go see some of them on The Bromelands page.

This Saturday is the Stitch Out.  I have been requested to bring some yarn and show Connie how to crochet my pot holders.  I will do that but will also bring something to stitch on.

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