Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Next on the list of "to do"

I received my Bird Brain Design order today and can't wait to start it.  It will have to wait probably until next weekend but if I get it all set up I might do it at the Stitch Out that I will be going to on my birthday.  Here is the pattern.

If I don't work on that, I might take the Esther Aliu Easter Rose table runner with me to work on.  Of course both of these means I have to get them ready so all I have to do is stitch on them.

The other thing that I am working on (ok, ONE of the things that I am working on) is a mini wall hanging for my friend Janine's door for Halloween.  She liked this and thought it would be a good thing to make for her so I'll probably do it.  It's only 12" and it wouldn't take much to just add a black border or something on it.

The bats came from Custom Quilt Kits and I liked how they formed a secondary pattern for the middle.  I'm not sure how I'll quilt it but I'm still stitching it on so I have time to figure it out.

Now are you ready for more pictures from the museum that I visited over the weekend?