Tuesday, July 29, 2014

What else besides Disappearing Hourglass?

It has been a busy weekend and beginning of the week.  I have now finished putting interfacing on the t-shirts and cut them.  Now to figure out the layout that I liked best.  I took pictures of each t-shirt block and printed them up so I can get  an idea of which way I want it to look.  It will be a little odd layout.  Dan will be putting it above his bed so the layout might end up 4 blocks wide and 3 blocks tall.  Each block is 14".   When I get a layout that I like I will take a picture and send it to Dan to see if he agrees.  Ask two or three times and make sure he knows that once it is sewn it's staying that way so measure that space again!!!

I might do a similar thing with the disappearing hourglass block.  Print them up individually and the play with the arrangement.  A theory based off of putting together puzzles.  LOL.

As I look at the blocks for my "Inspired" blocks, I have to wonder how I will finish it.  I made the blocks 14" instead of the 12 that I had originally thought of.  I like the more open spaces of it.  Next up will be the borders.  I want something that will pop.  Red is an obvious choice but then there is that lone blue in the middle.  I like that shade although I doubt I would match it.  Of course there is always the binding.  The goldenrod color was also brought to my attention as to a possible binding choice or narrower border.

I posted a picture on the page "Baltimore Album Inspired Projects" page.


I also learned this weekend that not only does it hurt to cut your finger with the rotary cutter (duh Bonni) but it also hurts when you drop a 14" template on your naked foot.  OUCH!  It left a mark, scrape almost as good as the rotary cutter.

Break time is over.  Time to get back to work although I feel more like I want a nap.  LOL.

Have a great day!

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