Sunday, July 13, 2014

Post Birthday Thinking and activity

Ahhh, the day after!  I didn't wake up next to somebody I didn't know nor did I wake up with a headache.  I guess that means I must have celebrated in the right way.  Still it's a little off because the birthday has passed and it's somewhat of a little lost.  With birthdays always come the realization that Life is good but it also needs to be reevaluated at times.  My work can be better so I'll try to keep up with that.  And then there is the crafting funk that I've been in.

I am slowly getting out of it and hopefully things will turn around.  So what *have* I been working on?  I am putting on new binding for a friend.  She retired last month and called me up to ask if I could put new binding on her daughter's baby blanket.  She wants to give it to her daughter so that it can be passed down.  I managed to get her to agree to cotton binding instead of that icky sateen stuff.  Here is a picture of what I picked out and started to stitch on.

It should be finished in a day or two.  I'm doing it, of course, all by hand.  It is a double fold so it should last longer.  This is also the first time that I have used my finger tips that I bought.

I really liked using them.  They insulated my fingers from the steam of the iron.  It's one of those "why didn't I try these before".  I probably didn't need it for this binding since they were 5" wide before folding but I know they will be good when I do smaller/narrower ones.

I did get an Amazon gift certificate from a good friend for my birthday.  It managed to let me get a couple of books on my wish list.  I'm getting:

I know...I know.  How many applique books does one person need?  Obviously more than what I currently have since I'm still buying them.  LOL.

Back to stitching.  Everybody have a great day.

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