Wednesday, July 13, 2011

darning foot

I have decided to learn how to do free motion quilting before the end of the year.  Ok, before February anyway.  LOL.  I found my darning foot as I was also told it was called, and tried to put it on the machine.  You'd think that it would be easy wouldn't you?  I've been changing out the the sewing feet on the machine for over a year now.  This is the first time that I've tried to put it on.  I managed to get it two different positions no less and not sure what I'll do.  Whomever reads this, if you know the right way, let me know.  LOL.

The first picture here is with the bar going underneath the screw that holds the needle in, etc.  (No, I don't know all the proper names to the pieces .  That I am sure is NOT the correct way because it doesn't like to stay on that way.  Good hint isn't it.

So, after fiddling with it, I figured out a way to get that little hook on top of the bar.  That is where I think it is suppose to be (no, I can't find my owners manual), but then there is another thing which I don' t think is right.  Notice in the picture how much space there is between the foot and the table.  That is in the down position. 

That orange handle is a magnet tool.  You can also see some of my scribbles done....I mean my FMQ threads (in black) so it IS able to stitch in this position.  Is this normal?  I would think that you would want the foot to either be riding on the fabric or barely above it.

On a similar topic but a little different, I found a quilting system that I might get.  I am still looking into it.  It is suppose to enable you to do similar to long arm quilting but with your own machine.

Look at the video.  The guy doing the video is boring to listen to and the video is slow but overall it DOES show what you do, how you do it, etc.

Did I mention the system costs $150?  THAT I could handle a lot easier than the Long Arm prices.  Don't worry Shel, you'll still get my BIG projects.  :) 

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