Friday, July 8, 2011

Stubborn Quilter on the road to finishing a project

I could have said stubborn women but I'll blame this on quilting instead....this time. 

What is it that makes us (ok, me) think that I can get through one project/block without resewing?  Take the latest block that I did for Rhonda's July Block swap.  It is going to Maggie who I had last month also.  I was right on track with the colors since we had talked about it early in the month and I actually had some fabric that would work.  I chose a pattern that I had wanted to learn to make and had her colors and off I went to cut and sew.

First stop was a long one.  Had to throw out the first set of fabrics becuase it didn't look good with the pattern.  Did I change the pattern?  Noooooo, I changed the fabrics.  The second set of fabrics I also had in my stash so back on the road.

Second stop light.  The second set of fabrics didn't look good with this pattern.  Ok...ok.  I changed the pattern.  There was another pattern similar but different enough that I could work with the fabrics that I had chosen. 

Proceed with caution as I come up across a crossroads.  Do I proceed with my normal speed when I start these or should I take the long and careful road.  Long and careful won out and I set up a sechedule to only do one row of 2.5 squares a night.  That way I wouldn't get burned out and hopefully wouldn't get bogged down in mistakes.  Things were progessing along nicely and I dared to speed up.

OOPS!  Speed trap!  Sped up and had to pull over and unstitch a couple of squares.  It turned out that when I was looking at how wide to make the blue and brown fabric, I mixed up two different sizes.  Got those recut, resewn and then attached.


That was taken with my new phone which is:

Time to gt back to learning about this new phone.  What it will take to get some ebooks on it etc.  Sigh.  This will be a long process.  I just know it will.

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