Sunday, July 31, 2011

Finished the Turkey

Didn't get much accomplished this weekend but at least i did finished one thing.  I finished the turkey doll quilt.  Should I call it a small wall hanging instead?  Either way it is finished and will be mailed out to Dotty as a birthday present next week.

Now to get going on some other projects.  Took inventory and this month I have to do:

Catherine's present for July Quilting in the New Year. - changed my mind today on what to do so back to the drawing board.

Do a doll quilt for MUV for August.  I might have two to do since they had a last minute sign up.  We'll see.

Do something fro Brenda in the Xmas exchange.  this actually doesn't have to be mailed in October so can put off for a little bit.

And the drawing for the bucket list was is Bargello.

I didn't do the bucket list of seminole piecing so must do Bargello.  IF I have time (you reading that Kat?) I'll go back and do something with seminole.  LOL.

Of course there is also Dan's Quilt but that is an ongoing thing.

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