Friday, July 22, 2011

Further progress on Fiddlehead

I've now managed to get about half of it done.  Before heat setting it I will go back over a couple of the areas.  The design is starting to stand out now i think.

Once the pattern gets transferred, it is kind of relaxing to just fill in the background with the Sharpie.  :)  I was thinking that this type of a pattern reminded me of some Hawaiian applique patterns and they might be good for this also.  I'll have to check what I have on hand.  I also will be checking out Walmart for other colors of sharpies besides just black.  Sharpie comes in a variety of colors and it might be fun to experiment.

I also made more progress on my "I'm not a turkey" redwork.  Here is it.

He might be trying to hide that he's not a turkey, but he's headless yet whatever he is.  LOL.  I have to do some satin stitch for his disguise but since it is on my embroidery floor stand, I can easily go and pick it up and take a few stitches and put it easily back down again.  I do that stitching over by the TV which has a comfier chair and gives me a break from sitting in the computer chair all the time.

My CyberQuilter yahoo group had a posting that was interesting.  Pilot has a pen that is erasable.  When heat is applied the ink disappears even off of fabric according to this report....

Walmart is suppose to have them so I will go and check them out also.

That's it for now.  Catch up with everybody later.

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