Saturday, July 16, 2011

sewing and movie day

I started out sewing today on Nolee's princess feathers and it is all done except for whip stitching or something the corners.  For making such great progress on that, I treated myself to the movies.  I went to see Harry Potter.  It was good to see it on the big screen and had just enough humor in it not to take away from the seriousness of the plot line (yeah, there's a plot line...the book said so).  Saw some movies that I am going to watch out for also.  Captain America for one looked good.  Of course it is a pulp one so it has a good start.

After the movies I went to the dollar store and picked up some poster board and duct tape.  Wah Lah!  I have a new cheap, make shift design board.  I haven't put the flannel on it yet but it worked out pretty good.  I picked up 8 pieces of foam board (20 x 30) because I wasn't sure how large I want it to be.  I simple put two pieces of foam board together and put one strip of duct tape on it to keep it together.  I have extra of both material if it gets destroyed and for $3 a pop easily replaceable.  I can also add more of the hinged poster board to this one section if I want to make a larger one. 

I used clothes pins this time to test it out.  Don't look at the messy table and apartment in the background.  LOL.

Notice since it is "hinged" it stands up by itself and I could stand it up the other direction also if need be.

And it folds up for easy storage.   It is light to carry around and fits in the car easily.  This might work out afterall.

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